The Dayjob Refugees


A fortuitous meeting some 20 years ago led a group of strangers together towards a musical friendship that continues to entertain crowds throughout north Texas.  A blend of shared influences has shaped their sound into something unique...a love of harmony-driven songs with strong guitars and a solid backbeat that creates an event where the sum of all is more than each individual.

Take a look at the song list... sure, it’s Classic Rock, but not your typical selections... DJR loves to play those gems that you rarely hear from any band, with their own twist!  

DJR has opened for notable national acts such as Grand Funk Railroad, America, Blue Oyster Cult, .38 Special REO Speedwagon and Kansas.

The DayJob Refugees are:

Corey Marr- Drums and Vocals

Dave Welker-Guitars and Vocals

Brian Bertrand- Guitars and Vocals 

Barry Stephens- Bass and Vocals.

Sittin’ in when he can:

Drew Taylor- Keyboards and Vocals


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